Welcome to Angel City Cabs

There has been continuous effort from Governments across states to tackle the burning issue of women safety as well as women empowerment, independently, but with little or no success. It is very rare to see an individual taking this sensitive issue upon him to drive a change in society. And receiving all the admiration are three men, each in different profession, who are trying to bring change and give assurance to the "So called weaker" gender.

The concept of Women Operated Taxi Services, Angel city Cabs was conceived by these three men as an answer to these crucial aspects of society. Started by Advocate Surya Mukundaraj, Businessman Vinay Chaitanya and a Journalist and Social Activist Manjunath Adde, their aim was to create a safe environment for women, not only to those who travel in and around city, but also to provide livelihood with dignity. It also aims at leveling the employment field for urban disadvantaged women by developing new and bold livelihoods options that enhance women economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families.

We also welcome resource and volunteers for training in etiquette of a good driver, teaching mechanics of a car, road directions. Volunteers can also contribute towards our security products like installing GPS which have been designed for the drivers.View More